Vacancy Finance & Promotion

About Team CORE

Team CORE is an official student team of the TU/e. We focus on enabling the recycling of waste streams that are hard to process, like batteries, car waste and polluted soil. For this we use elementary retraction, a technology based on our own planet, that brings the waste back into its elementary state, as explained in the video. Apart from designing and testing this technology we are also heavily involved in setting up actual factories where our technology is used. Together with IVER we are setting up a factory in the north of the Netherlands in Delfzijl and are currently investigating the options to build a second and third one in Duiven and Haps.

What does the job imply?

As member you are part of the executive part of the student team. You will be working mostly on tasks like recruitment of new partners and students, and attracting new funds, sponsors and subsidies. Within the team there is the possibility to further develop yourself on related (or unrelated) skills and also work on for instance more technical tasks.

What do we offer?

  • Fun group of peers
  • Improve your CV
  • Coaching from experts and CEO’s
  • Career opportunities(even to the actual company)
  • Room for your own ideas and innovations
  • Broad and diverse network on and off campus
  • Possibility to develop your social skills

This function requires:

  • 6-8 hours a week
  • Photoshop skills (or will to learn)
  • Will to pitch and present or work on presentations
  • Will to talk to students and partners
  • Interested in finance

Interested? Contact us via:

Telephone:          0681696508

WhatsApp:          0681696508



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