The times we live in are the most innovative, rapidly-developing and advanced times humans have ever known. Looking ahead into the future does not give us any reason to doubt that this trend will end anytime soon. Promisingly so. However, replacement cycles of consumer electronics are getting shorter and shorter, and with that, more and more devices are being thrown away.

We believe in a world where these problems are non-existent. That’s why we are working on a solution that allows for the industrial application of elementary retraction: a technology that we leverage for recycling materials, such as e-waste, properly.

Our story

The student team was founded in 2017 by Dirk van Meer, however, this was not the start of the story that is going to lead to the first circular generation. This story stretches back a generation ago, with TU/e alumni Gabby van Meer, Dirk’s father. Around 2006, Gabby was working at ProRail, where he was, among other things, responsible for the sleepers (the beams between the train track) and their recycling. The sleepers were coated with creosote, a highly toxic material. This made recycling using existing technologies impossible.

Meet the Team

Curious to see who is part of the team. Click the link below.

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