CORE Cycle – Battery Recycling

Within this project, Team CORE investigates the possibility to recycle batteries and battery suspected materials. The first step is to transform the waste stream into a safe stream of plastic and metals. This is done by shredding the materials. This is extremely dangerous and no shredder exists that can do this. But that does not stop us in our dream, we set ourselves to build this shredder installation together with our partners. This project is supported by the Metropool Regio Eindhoven and will find its next step in capturing the lithium from the waste mixture coming out of the shredder. Do you want to help us realize this kind of challenge? Be sure to reach out to us using the contact form.


The Team

Sinan Yasarol

Niels Bongers

Dirk van Meer

Giel van Huisseling

Thijs van Oorschot

Thijs Beurskens

Manuel Rojas

Sander Nagelkerken

Luke van den Bosch

Tim van Schaik

Salma El Garhi

Kars Smeulders

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