Impregnated Wood Recycling

Within this project, Team CORE investigates the possibility to recycle impregnated wood. The rail sector alone is good for hundreds of thousands of wood beams that are impregnated with creosote. Once these beams are taken of the railway, they need to be burned as the material is toxic. The technology developed by CORE makes it possible to retrieve the wood from these beams again and use them in the building environment. Thereby not only reducing the amount of CO2 emitted by burning the wood but also preventing the cutting of new trees. Do you want to help us realize this kind of challenge? Be sure to reach out to us using the contact form.


The Team

Usama Nazeem

Niels Bongers

Dirk van Meer

Giel van Huisseling

Thijs van Oorschot

Thijs Beurskens

Manuel Rojas

Adnin Zafina Binti Aminuddin

Antonia Tiplea-Serban

Salma El Garhi

Tim van Schaik

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