Our team

Dirk van Meer80a06fc9-5eae-4f35-8e33-55a1f4034ecd

I am a 19-year-old, third-year, Chemical Engineering student, who is mostly interested in process engineering. However, I also have a growing love for the organic side of chemistry. When I am not busy with my study or Team CORE, I can be found in my church community where I provide catecheses to children from one to six years old. I like to think about technical and non-technical problems and that’s how I came up with this student team. I play the role of team captain in our team, but I am also keeping myself busy with the more technical challenges we face.

20180301_125859-1Lotje Jobse

I am 21 years old and a third-year, Chemical Engineering student. My interests are organic chemistry and nanotechnology.  In my spare time, I do all kinds of stuff from playing the piano to giving swimming lessons. I also love swimming and playing video games. My biggest hobby is working with Team CORE, where I am working on the chemistry and promotion of the team.

Niels Bongers20181210_183244_HDR-e1546424160443.jpg

I am a 22-year old, third-year Chemical Engineering student. My main interests focus on process engineering and organic chemistry. Aside from studying, I enjoy programming in Python, reading and working on personal projects related to engineering. My role in the team is related to the chemical side, as well as computer models.

533312c5-7cdd-4285-9c41-5b94af77bb37.jpgVeerle de Monchy

I study Sustainable Innovation at the TU/e. My job is mostly running social media accounts, advertisement and keeping the project as sustainable as possible.

Kylian Klein Hesselinkfoto site

I am a 20-year old second-year Sustainable Innovation student. I joined Team CORE in the Honors track Energy Transition. I am interested in how to make the world more sustainable and Team CORE focusses on a major sustainability issue which receives very little attention from the rest of the society. Besides my study and Team CORE, I am a member of study association SSRE and I organize activities and provide information for exchange students with Rotex Nederland. I will mainly focus on public relations and the sustainability aspect at Team CORE.

foto site WSWalter Schaap

I am 19 years old and in my second year of the Bachelor Applied Physics. In my spare time, I like to play sports, socialize and to teach myself various skills. I am also interested a bit in philosophy and I am conscious of the environment and its lack of appreciation. With our team, I would like to be a leading factor in helping the world getting back in touch with nature. I will be focusing on doing research into some unknown subjects regarding our project as well as assisting in the modeling part.

Giel van Huisseling20181210_183328

I am a 20-year old, third-year Chemical Engineering student. My main tasks within Team CORE involve (an)organic chemistry and USE (User, Society, Enterprise) analyses. My spare time usually involves some form of football, whether it be outdoors or via news, videos or games. Within Team CORE, I will mainly be conducting experiments and writing analysis reports.

Ton de Heer

Martijn ScheveMartijn

I am a 20-year-old Industrial Engineering student who is interested in data analytics and its applications in business. In my spare time I like to socialize, learn about anything and play some games. Within this team I will be looking at the business side of things while taking sustainability and the environment into consideration.