Nyrstar’s strategy is to position the business for a sustainable future as a global multi-metals business. They work together with Team CORE to reach this goal.

Stibat facilitates all the players involved in the lifecycle of batteries and accumulators. We strive for maximum recycling of products and raw materials and ensure the safe and responsible processing of batteries and accumulators. They are one of the problem owners.

Metalot is a unique international environment in the Brainport and Keyport region where innovation, research, entrepreneurship and education meet and form open innovation clusters. The first plant of Team CORE will be build on the Metalot campus.

IVER is striving to reduce the waste streams to zero. Apart from this IVER wants to bring back all the, by retraction acquired, materials into circulation. They work together with Team CORE to re-engineer the technology of elementary retraction into an even more sustainable solution in order to create a circular economy.

ARN is committed to car recycling – in the most sustainable way possible. That is our focus. And we do that together with all parties within the industry. ARN is the active facilitator in the chain. By joining forces, by investing and above all by contributing ideas. They are one of the problem owners.

All industrial processes revolve around data. CroonWolter&Dros TAI focusses on collecting and using this data to improve processes. CroonWolter&Dros will guide Team CORE in the optimization and installation of the Proof of Concept.

TU/e Innovation Space is a community that facilitates & supports interdisciplinary hands-on education, engineering design and entrepreneurship. Team CORE is currently stationed in Innovation Space, where we work on developing our Proof of Concept and work on our promotion projects.

Metropool Regio Eindhoven is one of the main financers of the proof of concept via their Stimuleringsfonds. They invest in local innovation in order to strengthen the future industries and businesses in order to create future jobs and a stable economy.

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