Our Projects

Within the CORE Community we work on many challenging projects. We pride ourselves in working on problems that the market has not been able to fix yet. We believe that by working on the boundary of technology is the best way to get motivated. We want to make an impact on society, and do this in collaboration with the best industrial and academic partners.

Curious about what projects we work on in the company or interested in the projects we pick up in the student team, check out the page below. And don’t forget to reach out to us if you have waste streams that give you a headache, a challenge you can’t get solved or if you are interested in joining our cause, via our contact page.

The Projects of CORE Chemistry

The Projects of Team CORE

Future Challenges

Apart from the many amazing projects that we currently worked for, or have worked on in the past, we are always looking for new challenges. Within the team we posses the skills and knowledge to pick up any recycling question, with the focus on waste streams that at this moment have no good solution yet! Our expertise ranges from feasibility studies to setting up pilot projects and even whole factories. If we inspired you, please reach out to us via our contact form.

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