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What can you do at Team CORE?

In Team CORE there are different tasks that have to be fulfilled that will help us reach our final goal. These tasks can be separated into different categories which are listed below. Are you a motivated student looking for a students team to join? Yes, then join us! You can reach us at, or find us in innovation Space! Have a look at what you can do at Team CORE below.


Something we can’t turn our heads away from of course. As with every new technology, there are many questions about the safety, ethics, and of course sustainability. To answer these questions, we need a fresh look at the issues that happen today.


Fire away! The technique of elemental retraction consists out of pyrolysis, melting and washing the gasses. To make the latter two steps possible, the first step needs to be perfect. You might know that water expands 1400x when it gets this hot, we would like to prevent that from happening in our tiny isolated volcano. To optimise the pyrolysis, a lot of research needs to be done and maybe even a prototype has to be made. Writing down a plan to do this and think of possible challenges we are going to face while realizing it will be the main challenge. When this plan is clear, it is time to face the real challenges! If you are looking for a technical challenge, we can help you out.


Chemistry, it’s what this team is all about! There are a lot of chemical processes that will have to be looked into and optimized. As a chemist, you have been waiting to join a student team that actually focusses on this. In our team, you will be working on the main challenge in this field, the elementary retraction itself. Using the three equilibria, oxidation-reduction, exothermic-endothermic, and acid-base, you can design the process.


What? Where? When? But…. who? Do you think that you can help us answer these questions, do you like to think about strategy, about where we are going, contact us. We are looking for a real thinker and strategist, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


You see this website and the first thing you think is: I can do this way better! Great, then you are the person we are looking for. Do you want to promote us, give presentations, interviews and visit companies? Or are you more of a background worker, who is great with posters, making presentations or websites? Then contact us so we can talk about your new role in Team CORE.