TU/e Contest

We are participating in the TU/e Contest of 2019. This is a challenge for student teams, people with innovative ideas, or people who already have a prototype they want to share with the world. The contest offers contacts with big companies as well as workshops on how to improve your project. In short, it is a great opportunity for everyone who has a great idea!

Since the first edition back in 2015, the TU/e Contest offers students every year the opportunity to further develop their own, ingenious ideas, prototypes and research projects in Minimal Viable Products and business plans.” -TU/e Contest.

This contest also features a networking round, in which all the teams consult their network to get as much people to vote for them as possible. The team with the most votes gets another 400 euro at the Grand Finale of the contest. We can proudly say that Team CORE has won the networking round!!! The contest is still going, so all we can do now is work hard to get into the finals!!

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