Who we are

Creating a circular solution for complex waste streams (such as e-waste, polluted soil, or industrial rest streams) requires more than just a good idea; it demands a good team. And we take immense pride in having the best team. It all started back in 2011 when Gabby van Meer saw the opportunity within the “elementary retraction” technique. With this technique, the waste streams which are currently dumped/burned, could be recycled and turned into useful and eco-friendly products. In 2018, Dirk van Meer founded Team CORE, a student team with the focus on further developing this technique and many others. A couple of years later, they proved to themselves, and many partners with them, that this technique is viable. To turn words into action, CORE Chemistry was founded to focus on realizing this technique and building the first factories in the Netherlands of their kind! 

CORE Chemistry

Within CORE Chemistry, the technology of elementary retraction and other recycling technologies are translated to factories. Are you interested in our business case or do you have complex waste streams that we can help recycle, contact us!


Closely connected to CORE Chemistry, Team CORE a student team that is all about developing innovative technology to create the first circular generation. Are you interested in joining us on our world-changing mission, contact us!

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